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Application & Deposit


Filling out an application is the first step towards getting a puppy from us. We use the application not only to select and screen potential families but also to help match new owners to their puppy. With that being said, it is very important to note on your application the type of puppy you are looking for. We want to know your personality preferences (independent, laid back, middle of the road, active, "in your pocket," etc.) and what you plan to do with your dog (family pet, performance sports, breeding prospect, hunting, therapy, etc.). You can email the application to us at

Once you apply, please don't panic if you don't hear from us immediately. Although we try to be prompt, sometimes it may take a few weeks Once we have gone through your application, if everything looks good you will get an email stating you are accepted onto the wait list for an upcoming litter. If the litter you applied for has already been born or the female has been bred, we will require a deposit immediately via check in the mail. If the female has not been bred yet, then we will contact you again when the dog goes into heat and keep you updated along the way, as we prefer not to take deposits too early on. The deposit can be any amount you choose, as everyone pays the same price for a puppy in the end. We know many people prefer a reference point for the deposit amount. Most range from $200-$1000. Please note males and females are the same price. 

We will hold your deposit check until the puppies are born. Once they are born, we will call and confirm all the details with you before cashing the check. Your check is refundable. We do not believe in locking people into live animals. We love our dogs and view them as living creatures and not things. We also understand emergencies happen. With that being said, we ask that you take the process seriously and really think through the decision of taking in a puppy. We are operating on good faith, and we hope that you treat us with the same respect. The remaining balance on the pup will be due at pick-up (the full amount minus the deposit).

Temperament Testing

As a dog trainer, I am a firm believer in temperament testing. This is a science based process that gives good insight into puppy personalities. Generally, Golden Retrievers test very similar as we always aim to breed level-headed, biddable, and affectionate dogs that are still eager to work. But after spending 8 weeks with them, we definitely know that each puppy is slightly different. One may be a bit more lazy and be the ideal match for the family with young kids while the other may be more active and a better match for the hunting or performance home. 


After the evaluator has come in and completed testing the litter, we will review the results and narrow down which puppy is the best match for your lifestyle and preferences.  We absolutely do not allow people to choose a puppy based on a photo or a color. Although we try to keep color preferences in mind, it is not our priority. Setting people up for success starts by helping you find a puppy that matches your lifestyle. For eight weeks, these puppies are our lives. We take grate pride in ensuring they have the best families that are the perfect fit for them. 

Puppy Selection Process

Once the puppies are born, you will be given access to a live cam to watch the puppies for the first few weeks. We try to limit traffic in and out of the house until the pups have their first shots, as it can be dangerous to expose them to potential diseases before vaccinating. We will then host a visiting day at 8 weeks old where you will meet the parents, see where the pups live, go through contracts and paperwork, ask questions, and take your puppy home. Specific dates and times are given once the puppies are born. 



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