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Here are a few of the testimonials we have received from Havana families. If you would like to see more, please scroll through our Havana Golden Retriever Facebook page under the "visitor posts" section. This is where many of our Havana families connect with each other, update us on big events, and just share about their dog's life!



So impressed with these people! They’re so sweet and give you all the information you need and more. They also gave us access to a baby cam that was on the puppies so I could watch them grow up from my phone! Our Oakley has been nothing but wonderful. He’s very healthy and happy. I couldn’t thank them enough for holding my hand through the process. I highly would recommend. Also, I would have probably paid double, if not triple, for our precious Oakley! Thank you, again! (December 2019)


This. This right here says EVERYTHING about why we wanted a golden. Miss Ellie being oh so sweet to our newest family member. (October 2017)


Boone had to go in for a check up today, our normal vet was not in so we had to see their other vet who has never seen Boone before. She had nothing but compliments on what a well behaved dog he was. She said he was just perfect and acted how a golden should. He sat perfectly still while she did all of her poking, prodding and listening. I said he came from a very good breeder and has very well behaved parents. Couldn't be happier with my little guy. Everyone who meets him loves him! (November 2017)


What an awesome experience for the first puppy ever. They are loving caring people that are in the business for the real reasons. (December 2019)


Our boy Toby just turned one and we couldn't be happier. We get comments all the time on how handsome and even tempered he is. He loves our four kids and turned them all into dog lovers. Havana Golden Retrievers was excellent to work with and we have already recommended them to others! (February 2018)


This breeder was absolutely wonderful to work with. She is extremely informative and organized! Mack is such a wonderful addition to our family! We will be sure to keep in contact to update on Mack’s new adventure as a future therapy dog! (December 2019)


Iris is a sweet well mannered little girl who loves anything to do with the outdoors. She weighs 46lbs, so slightly smaller than some of her siblings. Her favorite activities include walks in the woods, boat rides, car rides, swimming, and helping with yard work/gardening. She is also working on her commands, and learns quickly. Her temperament is great and she has loved going to the vet for all of her visits thus far. Iris gets excited when she sees her dog and little human cousins, but is becoming much more mellow with them! She also loves playing with sticks and chasing her kitty sister (even though she isn't supposed's just so fun). Overall, Iris has been a great addition to our family! (July 2017)


Love those puppies. Great owner and trainer.


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