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Puppy cam live streaming is offered to all families who have placed a deposit. It becomes available once the puppies are born. This has been a huge hit in the past for our Havana families!


If you have placed a deposit and are interested in being a part of this, you’ll need to download the MobiCam App and create an account. Please use the email we have on file to keep things simple. We cannot add you to the stream until your account is created. Once you have created an account, send us a message so we know you are all set. You'll then be added to our account and given access. The pups won't be viewable until we add you on our end and you refresh your app.


We do like to warn everyone ahead of time that the camera may not always be on if we need to move it onto another dog. We also are only allowed a certain number of users per camera at a time, so depending on the litter size, the time may be split. Our internet in the country is only about a sliver better than dial-up some days as well. We tend to see "network error" or "offline" around here quite often. But enjoy watching whenever you can. We usually have it up and running on the pups about 90% of the time. Enjoy!

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